About Us

Until June of 2009 we were a small unofficial group of less than 20 women. We would get together now and then for a drink and a laugh. But Kerri Dann from Australia (center), had been an expat in Dubai for many years and knew that we could be more, and that there there were more of "us" out there. So she took action. In June 2009 she officially formed the Fribourg Expat Women's Group and got the word out there. Within 6 months she grew our little pot of 20 into a garden of over 200 beautiful, unique women! 

Unfortunately only one year later, she found circumstances brought her back to Australia. Deirdre Coghlan, Kerri's assistant, took over the management of the group with the assistance of Margaret Braun.  

The F.E.W. Group has opened so many doors for so many women. New friendships have been forged and more are just waiting to happen. We always have a good time when we get together - why don't you come along next time? 

We are always happy to see new faces!