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FEW Group Movie Night - Tuesday 9th April 2013 - "Perfect Mothers

posted Apr 3, 2013, 8:36 AM by Margaret Braun
Dear all
Finally, this month we have a movie at our usual time of 20:30 in version original! 
I am not sure what some of you will think, particularly the women with grown up sons.  :)   The movie "Perfect Mothers" is about many things, as described in the lengthy review below, but for sure its about middle aged women still attracting younger men which sounds very positive to me.  Did I say that!!!  It is also shot in Australia which is a treat for me.
It is certainly a serious drama and not a comedy.  It is based on aDoris Lessing novel and I am a fan of her books so could be interesting story.  I wonder if it is like "The Graduate" but with less humour.
I hope to see you at dinner first and then the movie.  Details are all below. 
User Review from IMDB website:
A Superb Chick Flick for Grannies!
19 January 2013 | by flydocfly (Saint Paul, MN) – See all my reviews

This lovely movie was based on Doris Lessing's short story "The Grandmothers". I just saw the premiere at Sundance and absolutely loved it. Supposedly inspired by a true story, it's about two mothers who really like their son's best friend (their best friend's son) And that tag line is what you'll hear all about. Oh, the horror. I imagine middle age male reviewers will not particularly like this movie, though gay men will most likely love it. But it's a film about women--their friendships, husbands, relationships, sons and lovers. It's directed by Anne Fontaine, a French woman (which explains the exorbitant number of scenes with smoking cigarettes, and an insanely un-American story concept that young men might be attracted to older women.)

It's beautifully crafted (gorgeous cinematography) and has intelligent editing (watch for the skillful matched cuts that "age" the characters). The performances are all around great. Robin Wright is amazing--it's an Oscar caliber performance, however, the film probably won't get a large enough release to be on the radar for awards (sort of like poor John Hawkes not getting nominated for "The Sessions", what was the Academy thinking?) Of course, setting the movie in Australia means the other main character is the location. Tanned surfing teenage boys with model-beautiful mothers in bikinis, cowabunga mate (and significantly less handsome husbands and admirers, thankfully not shown in Speedos.)

There was laughter in the screening in places unexpected by the director, but this was probably just anxious laughter by viewers unaccustomed to thinking about middle aged women having sexual and emotional interest in younger men.  

Movie             "Perfect Mothers",  Tuesday 9th April

                             TIME: 20:30 - REX, Boulevard de Perolles 2.

Restaurant:     Saigon,  Bld de Perolles 4, Fribourg,  6:45 pm"   


Please let me know if you are attending a) restaurant and movie or b) movie only.