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Go to Rio or see a Fight?

posted Apr 10, 2011, 1:24 PM by Deirdre Coghlan

Firstly, I apologise for being late this month in advising where the movie is but its partly because there is nothing in English in Fribourg for next Tuesday and I wasn't sure about goign to Bern but now I think YES...why not.

I propose we go to either one of the following movies, big contrast between the two but the movie "Rio" which is an animation and in 3D has had very good reviews and could be a good laugh.   The "Fighter" is more serious but also had good reviews.  See links below to find out more about these movies:
 THE FIGHTER : Playing at the Royal cinema at 20:00 pm .  Film runs for 92 mins
RIO: Playing at the Splendid cinema at 21:00 pm. Film runs for 92 mins
Please let me know if you want to see A) The fighter B) RIO or C) give a preference but either is ok too.
Transport:  I have a car and can take 4 people with me.  I could collect people at 18:00 pm the Fribourg station and be in Bern by 19:00 for a bite to eat first.  Or obviously people can catch the train and meet us there.  (Astrid, I can pick you up)
Restaurant:  Meet at 19:00 (or as close to) at Restaurant  Côté Sud on top of Train Station (above Tibits where we ate last time we went to Bern)
Booking tickets:  Once I have numbers I can look at booking tickets.
I hope you are in the mood for a trip to Bern.  It was fun last time.  Also people can see whatever movie they like and just come and have dinner with us....up to you.
Email me if you want to meet up with us!