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July Movie

posted Jul 6, 2011, 1:06 PM by Deirdre Coghlan
For those of you still in Fribourg and not on holidays next week, I hope you can join me for a Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts romance...should be fun. 
Last month there were about 8 of us for "We Want Sex Equality" and we had a lot of fun.  Movie was great and lots of atmosphere in an almost full house made up mostly of women strikers and us for the National Day for Swiss Women to Strike for equality...or something along those lines.    We were all cheering on the women in the movie to fight for their rights and it was a reminder of how far we have come as a lot of it was shocking in comparison to how things are now but still are reminder that we are still not paid equally in many professions and not to give up and become complacent about these things.
Also, don't fall off your chairs but I have change the restaurant to Casa Juan, Rue de Lausanne no. 48 for Tapas which has lots of options, see website including vegitarian.
I have never been there so fingers crossed its good!!!
MOVIE:  "It is never too late"- 20:45. 

Affiche haute définition de Il n'est jamais trop tard |

Synopsis:  Freshly fired from a position he held for years, Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) decided to enroll at the University to resume his studies. This change in life takes a turn more personal when he falls in love with his ​​teacher, Madame Tainot. Beautiful, cynical, disillusioned by the appalling level of its students and disappointed by her marriage, she is also a turning point in his life ... Will they get a second chance?
Cinema and Time:   Cap Cine, under the Fribourg Centre and Manor
Restaurant:            Casa Juan, Rue de Lausanne No. 48, 18:30 onwards,
Please let me know if you are attending a) restaurant and movie or b) movie only.  
Look forward to seeing you as always.
Cheers- Margaret
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