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CANCELLED - MOVIE NIGHT - Tuesday 8th July 2014

posted Jul 4, 2014, 5:18 AM by Margaret Braun   [ updated Jul 8, 2014, 1:03 AM ]
Dear Movie Friends

It's almost holiday time but hopefully some of you will be here still to see a movie in July with me.

I am not sure about August yet. Most years I find everyone is away in August. If there is a particularly good movie on that I plan to see anyway then I will advertise but if not then I will leave it until September.
Last month we had a nice dinner at Bekaa House and just a few of us went on to the movie with Tom Cruise. It was totally unbelievable but I found it pretty funny as well and inspite of myself I would say I enjoyed it.
This month there is just one movie on at a reasonable time for us called LOVE PUNCH staring Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan etc.
Richard and Kate are a divorced couple who have an amicable relationship. Richard who's about to retire learns that his company's assets have been frozen because it's under investigation and that includes the pension fund. When the owner goes out of the country, Richard decides to pursue him and Kate goes with him. When they learn the man doesn't care about the employees, they decide to get the money some other way; by stealing the diamond he gave his girlfriend. So they follow them and Kate gets close to the girlfriend.

Genre: Comedy

Date/Time: Tuesday, 8th of July, 20:20
Cinema: Cap Cine, Below Manor complex
Restaurant: Saigon, 18:30, Boulevard de Perolles, Fribourg
(across from the Rex)

Please let me know by next Monday evening if you are able to join me for a) movie and restaurant and b) just the movie c) just the restaurant.

Looking forward to the evening.

Kind regards