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Movie Night

posted Jun 8, 2011, 1:29 PM by Deirdre Coghlan   [ updated Jun 8, 2011, 1:30 PM ]

Wow, can't believe it is June already. 
Last month there were about 6 of us for "Water for Elephants" and the general consensus was everyone really enjoyed it plus we always enjoy our dinner before as never short of conversation.   So if you are new to Fribourg, love movies, books etc then you are probably going to like this group.
This month there are 2 movies at the Rex to choose from, both very different but one is FREE...yes, you heard me....Free of charge!!!. 
I know movie price is not a deciding factor but it is fun that it is free.  We might sit in a full cinema for a change!!  At the moment I think there is  some sort of Women's month and SYNA (a national Union Group here in Switzerland) is sponsoring this movie for anyone who wants to go.  The difficulty with this is making sure we get a seat.  There is no forward reservation so when I have numbers I will try to get the tickets at lunchtime on the day.  It is in Rex 1 which has 342 seats so we should be right but I suggest we get to the cinema early to get a good seat.  Some of you may prefer the other movie so less of a rush on this.  
I hope you are not all away yet on Summer holidays and can join us.
1) "Tree of Life"- 20:30.- starring Brad Pitt as a controlling father set in the 60's, serious drama.  Very mixed reviews, some very bad and others good and as it won the Palme d'Or Cannes Film Festival 2011.  So it will depend on your mood if you feel like seeing this.  The story is about Jack growing up between a domineering father and a loving mother who gives her faith in life. The birth of two brothers forced him to soon share this unconditional love, then he faces a frenzied individualism father obsessed with the success of his children. Until a tragic event disturbs the delicate balance ... !
2) Free of Charge!  "We Want Sex Equality" -  20:00.   This is a one of screening this night as I think there is a Set in Spring 1968 in England, a worker discovers that men in his factory are better paid than women. A woman is identified as one to lead the group to fight for equality.  Based on a true story, the film is inspired by the 1968 strikes at the Ford plant at Dagenham plant where 850 workers demonstrated to protest gender discrimination suffered by them in assessing their work.
Cinema and Time:    Rex, Boulevard de Perolles 5a, Fribourg  20:00 onwards.
Restaurant:            Saigon, Boulevard de Perolles 4, Fribourg, 6:30 onwards,
                     particularly if going to the Free movie, you will want to eat early if possible.
Please let me know if you are attending a) restaurant and movie or b) movie only.  
Look forward to seeing you as always.